How to Deal with Cyberpoachers

Dear friends, I have good news for you. From today on, you can download my little e-book called How to Deal with Cyberpoachers. It is available on my second page Křivoklátské směsi (The Brews of the Forest of Crooked Logs), both in English and Czech: 🙂

Times are changing. The era of poaching groups crawling through the landscape with weapons in hand has almost passed. It has been replaced by a time in which poachers sit in front of computer screens, attempting to infiltrate the systems of companies protecting rare animals. Their prey includes coordinates, information about the location and hiding places of tigers, rhinoceroses, and even other relatively more common animals. Against these professional poachers, not even a hundred gamekeepers with rifles can do anything. But do the animals have any hope? Is it even possible to catch and expose poachers during a cyber attack?

This short exposition woven with a story is suitable not only for those interested in defensive cybersecurity or novice programmers but also for everyone who wants to keep up with the times, learn something new, and transition from the forest environment to the virtual network environment. The old stories about poachers from over a hundred years ago necessarily need to be revived and supplemented.

I hope you will like it! 🙂


How to Deal with Cyberpoachers (e-book)

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